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  2. 'Hercules' Kevin Sorbo Reveals His Stroke History: 'I Went Through Hell'
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The next morning, his speech was slurred and he had difficulty walking. This time, Sorbo went to the hospital, where doctors determined he had an aneurysm near his shoulder that disrupted the flow of blood to his arm.

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In fact, Franklin Moser, M. Moser advised an unconventional treatment where he would insert platinum coils around the aneurysm to neutralize it. The MRI results showed that he had had three distinct strokes, which accounted for his dizziness and aches. This is not a head cold.

City Walk: Side Effects - Alison Bonds Shapiro, Stroke Survivor

Any normal person would need months of rest and rehab. You are very lucky to be walking around. However since the cause of the strokes, the aneurysm, had been treated, his doctor felt like he was no longer at risk for another stroke. His doctor said that the odds for someone his age and physical health to experience both a stroke and aneurysm was about one in 75 million.

Sorbo continued to have dizziness and nausea for weeks after he was released from the hospital; his doctors told him it could last for as long as three months. When he returned to the set of Hercules , he felt anything but like his superhuman character. His pre-stroke hour work days were now limited to just a few exasperating hours at a time. For fear of appearing weak in the Hollywood limelight, Sorbo kept his condition under wraps. His feelings, as it turns out, are completely normal for stroke patients.

They can typically be improved through medication or a combination of psychotherapy and medication. Sorbo worked with a psychotherapist and acupuncturist to help deal with his negative emotions in a constructive way. Now, he lives an active life with his wife and three children, though he does still experience residual arm pain and occasional migraines, and has a blind spot in his vision. But I am determined to not behave like a victim anymore. Everyday Health Heart Health Stroke.

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Counting the cost of stroke trauma

Sorba had a one in 75 million chance of suffering both an aneurysm and a stroke — and he did. For the first time, Sorbo recounts what it was like having three strokes while filming one of the most popular shows on television, and he reveals how he made a health comeback. But if they do not have the necessary information, skills or confidence it can be hard to manage their condition.

It can be difficult to make well—informed decisions about their health, treatment or even daily life — let alone make plans for the future. People living with stroke need information, care and support from others. Please note that the information on this website is not a substitute for the advice your doctors or other health care professionals may give you based on their knowledge of your condition. A stroke happens when the blood supply to part of the brain is interrupted. Most strokes occur when a blood clot blocks one of the arteries which carry blood to the brain.

If brain cells lose their supply of oxygen from the blood, they will be damaged or will die. The symptoms of a stroke depend on the part of the brain affected and the extent of the damage, so no two strokes are the same and recovery is different from person to person. T is very important as the longer the affected part of the brain is without blood, the greater the residual damage will be.

It can last from a few minutes to a few hours but the symptoms disappear within 24 hours. But a clot is a clot. In fact, if you have a mini stroke TIA , you have an increased chance of having a full stroke. When you are having the symptoms you will not yet know if they will be temporary mini stroke or actually a full stroke. Every stroke is different. Each person affected by it will have different problems and different needs.

The lasting effects depend on where in the brain the stroke happens and the nature of the stroke.

'Hercules' Kevin Sorbo Reveals His Stroke History: 'I Went Through Hell'

Common effects that you may experience following a stroke include:. In the first few days after a stroke, care concentrates on assessment of your condition and preventing complications. Once stroke has been diagnosed, trained staff will assess the effects and work out a plan of care for you.

When they are ready, most people are keen to get home from hospital, and this is a very important motivator for recovery. But it can also be daunting for the person who has had the stroke, as well as carers and family. No single piece of advice applies to everybody. Many people need to make adjustments after a stroke. After returning home, it is important that you receive the necessary support from your family, friends and healthcare professionals.

Stroke is often considered an illness of old age but many young people are affected too. It is estimated that a quarter of all strokes occur in people under the age of Every stroke is different and each stroke survivor will have different problems and different needs.

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The way in which you might be affected depends on where in the brain the stroke happens and the nature of the stroke. If you are older the effects are more likely to be complicated by other age—related illnesses. A younger person may also be more physically fit before the stroke and this will help in recovery. However coming to terms with having had a stroke can be particularly difficult for younger people, who may not have had a history of illness and certainly did not expect something so sudden and serious to happen.

For more information download our Stroke in Younger Adults leaflet. Stroke can also occur in childhood. When someone is recovering from a stroke he or she will often need a lot of help and support with everyday activities. Recovery starts in hospital but continues at home and can take time.

Longer Heart Monitoring Backed for Stroke Patients

Some people will make an almost complete recovery; others will recover enough to be fairly independent and able to carry out most everyday tasks. However, some will improve only a little and will need long—term care. No—one plans on becoming a carer and it is important that you get the right information, practical help and any emotional support you need, when you need it.

Not all of it will apply to you, so choose the information that is most useful. If you would like to read or hear our brave and inspiring Stroke Survivor stories, please click an image below. Eric, from Coagh, had a stroke 15 years ago at the age of Eric ran a farm and travelled to markets all across Ireland buying and selling cattle. By the [ Tracey from Greencastle, Omagh had only celebrated her 30th birthday 10 days before having a stroke.

She had no history of illness or high blood pressure and in hindsight the only sign was that she had had a persistent headache for a few days. She was like a light at the end of the tunnel.

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Alan, from Dollingstown, had a stroke in February which has left him unable to speak. His wife Christine explains what happened. He just disappeared onto the floor and was out for a minute or two. Jamesie Nicholl was the captain and former team mate of Pat Jennings and George Best in the most successful Northern Ireland team ever. NICHS helped this soccer star tackle his illness.

After retirement, Jamesie continued to be active but in the few weeks prior to his stroke, he felt tired and listless. I blame Liverpool FC for my stroke! It had been a normal day in February They were held to a draw. Not happy, I went upstairs to go to bed. I had an early start in the morning, taking my car to […]. This story is about a lady who has had all three, plus other long term health conditions.

Life changed overnight for Jacinta McCullough from Holywood when she suffered a stroke after being involved in a minor car accident last year.

Your Generation

Unluckily for her, it was a Pontine stroke, which occurs right at the base of the brain in an area densely packed with nerves that carry signals to the rest of the [ On Sunday 13th February my whole world changed. The stroke caused blood poisoning and resulted in Dorothy having her left leg amputated from the knee. I had my stroke in September It came on with no warning. I just felt a little bit dizzy and two or three minutes later I was semi conscious on my living room floor.