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  1. Long Road to Nowhere Lyrics Micky and The Motorcars ※ oryzasiruhid.ga
  2. Sound Whore
  3. The Long Road to Nowhere

The best way to describe The Bat… is that it is meditative. Everything ebbs and flows with a very natural rhythm, without much to jar a steady nod of the head.

Long Road to Nowhere Lyrics Micky and The Motorcars ※ oryzasiruhid.ga

The organic, full-bodied nature of the album means it is definitely not an easy listening experience. The heavy riffs give way to ambient instrumentals like clockwork and while I am not one to complain when the irregular lurch of sludge becomes the weary tread of doom, it often feels like it drags out a little bit too long on the same passage.

I was moss-gazing after about half the record. This is music to be experienced not necessarily enjoyed in a dark room with a glass of wine to hand and I feel that Zatokrev have latched on to the essence of doom beyond the self-indulgent head-holding of the genre.

Taglo - Long Road To Nowhere [Silk Music]

They seem to have tapped into something that feels very human and sincere and garnished it with a primal ferocity. Box Bryson City, NC All participants receive a pint glass with tickets for tastings at Mountain Layers and other locations throughout downtown. Please enter your username or email address.

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    Sound Whore

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